The Pixel Party Team

Pixel Party was created with one goal: make an environment where everyone feels welcome. We are a group of content creators, using social platforms such as Twitch, Twitter and Instagram to build a community around pop culture and gaming. With our powers combined, we are building Pixel Party into a brand that covers a number of projects which include podcasts, streams, a stream team, videos, written content, events, charity events, merchandise and more!  To keep up with Pixel Party, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, iTunes and Twitch.

Welcome to the party!



Lewis is a host, producer, photographer, video editor, social media/community manager, blogger, designer, podcaster and amateur electronic musician. Lewis found his way into the video game industry as a writer for PC Powerplay/Hyper Magazine, which lead him to getting into Twitch. He is fond of cars, video games, skateboards, comics and recently has discovered a love of collectibles. When he's not rearranging his home studio, you can find him making something, or thinking about making something.  Also a certified Mei main (because she's the best Overwatch character). 


The eternal generalist. Started gaming when his Dad introduced him to DOOM, in a moment of expert parenting, at age 4. From there it was history, with the releases of Hearthstone, Warcraft, Diablo, DOTA, Counterstrike, Warhammer and MTG - he was hooked. Tom had a brief stint at university, bouncing between chemistry, physics, math and psychology but ultimately came back to his true love - games. Now he spends his time trying to converse with new friends, commentating eSports events and discussing hypothetical situations.


Kitty works full time as a Marketing Executive, she loves creating fun print and social media campaigns and working the exhibition floor. Traditionally trained on Nintendo and XBOX, Kitty took the plunge to join the PC Master Race. When she is not gaming, she is playing six-degrees of separation (she knows everyone), peaking microphones (true story), and going to the gym. Please say hello on Twitter, she loves making new friends!


If it’s cute, interesting, awe inspiring or otherwise aesthetically pleasing, Jess is a fan of it. As a designer, video editor, producer, content creator and host, Jess is best at taking information and presenting it in the best possible way. She fell into the games industry as a plus one and eventually made her way to being a host on Twitch. She loves anything cute or tasty and can usually be found cuddling with her cat playing video games or watching slightly depressing movies. The most important information to know about her is that she always knows the best place to eat. Always.


Electrician by day, gamer by night. The Addy G has been playing games since World Of Warcraft Vanilla, he bleeds for the Horde! Recently the AddyG has been eating a lot of chicken dinners on PUBG, walking on the gold Overwatch road and reminiscing about his Warhammer figures (which were recently banished by his girlfriend KittyCantEven). The AddyG is also a huge gym enthusiast. He loves a pre-stream pump at the gym!