Toyota AE86 Notchback

Hooooooeeeey! I was hoping I'd spot one of these for a Cars Are Cool article - this is the car that got me into cars.

Flashback to spotty little me, watching Initial D, playing Gran Turismo on PS2 and spilling drinks on tables to drift my Hotwheels cars though the puddles - the one car that defined my obsession with cars would have to be the AE86.

The R32 Skyline is a close second, but somehow the AE86 always felt so much more realistic to own. These days, a decent AE86 will go for a lot more than an R32, and are also super rare. The chances of owning a good one of these are becoming slim, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy looking at them.

I personally prefer the hatchback, it's the classic 'drift car' and has such a prominent image in automotive culture that it's immediately recognisable. I also have a thing for hatchbacks, but the notchback is still a looker - especially when it doesn't have a ridiculous spoiler hanging off the back!

Bonus photo - one of my AE86 Hotwheels!