Subaru WRX Hatchback

This is pretty close to my realistic dream car. I've been wanting a newer wide body WRX hatchback for the last two years. My dream car is the STI version, with the huge flared wheel arches, in pearl white. So when I spotted this one, I just had to grab some snaps! The WRX hatchback is the all-in-one car that every car enthusiast wants. Unlike the sedan, which is still a great, reliable and practical car, the hatchback kicks up the practicality even more. Having that big boot is super useful, especially for someone like me that regularly makes the trip to IKEA, has lighting tripods and gear to transport and generally just having the option to carry bigger items with easy. One day soon, I hope to have one of my own! 

Spotted in Chatswood
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus
Edited on VSCO iPhone App