Ford Focus RS

Just when we were starting to think that hot hatches were a thing of the past, Ford drops the Focus RS and all its drift button glory on us. I love the way this thing looks, drives and sounds. In an age of practicality being prioritised over fun, it’s nice to see that Ford are trying to find a happy middle ground…and I think they just might have done it.  

Spotted at Redfern
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Subaru WRX STI

The newest WRX is not my cup of tea. It’s big, expensive and the styling just doesn’t do much for me. I also prefer the hatchback variant for the convenience and practicality. With that said, the STI is without a doubt one of the fastest and most ferocious cars I have ever been in. While the model I drove was a traditional manual with clutch, I think if I were to buy one, I would probably get it with the flappy paddles…

Spotted at Chatswood
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Toyota AE86 Notchback

Hooooooeeeey! I was hoping I'd spot one of these for a Cars Are Cool article - this is the car that got me into cars.

Flashback to spotty little me, watching Initial D, playing Gran Turismo on PS2 and spilling drinks on tables to drift my Hotwheels cars though the puddles - the one car that defined my obsession with cars would have to be the AE86.

The R32 Skyline is a close second, but somehow the AE86 always felt so much more realistic to own. These days, a decent AE86 will go for a lot more than an R32, and are also super rare. The chances of owning a good one of these are becoming slim, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy looking at them.

I personally prefer the hatchback, it's the classic 'drift car' and has such a prominent image in automotive culture that it's immediately recognisable. I also have a thing for hatchbacks, but the notchback is still a looker - especially when it doesn't have a ridiculous spoiler hanging off the back!

Bonus photo - one of my AE86 Hotwheels!

Subaru WRX Hatchback

This is pretty close to my realistic dream car. I've been wanting a newer wide body WRX hatchback for the last two years. My dream car is the STI version, with the huge flared wheel arches, in pearl white. So when I spotted this one, I just had to grab some snaps! The WRX hatchback is the all-in-one car that every car enthusiast wants. Unlike the sedan, which is still a great, reliable and practical car, the hatchback kicks up the practicality even more. Having that big boot is super useful, especially for someone like me that regularly makes the trip to IKEA, has lighting tripods and gear to transport and generally just having the option to carry bigger items with easy. One day soon, I hope to have one of my own! 

Spotted in Chatswood
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Subaru WRX 22B STI

The 22B is widely regarded as the best WRX ever made. These days, the 22B might be one of the rarest cars in Subaru's history. I know I've only seen 3 in the flesh and man do I love them. The 2-door body suits the WRX shape so well, with a shorter wheelbase and wider track, this little blue nugget looks the business. I'm pretty sure every car enthusiast has daydreamed about about owning one of these at some point or another. 

Spotted at Chatswood
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Audi R8

I saw this car for the first time many years ago, parked in the exact same spot, but took this photo last month. It's an earlier model of the R8, but I prefer them anyway. The classic white/carbon combo still holds up today, along with the more curvy lines (the newer one is very sharp, rigid and "futuristic" in my opinion) make this one of the best looking Audi's I've ever seen. 

Spotted at Chatswood
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus
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Subaru BRZ

This is my friend Alex's Subaru BRZ. I took these when he came to visit last year during WTAC, I had just gotten the new 50mm f/1.8 STM lens from Canon and his car was parked out front, so grabbed some test snaps. It was also the first time I ever used VSCO presets, so went pretty hard on them. 

By the way, Alex is a great photographer, you should check out his stuff here.

Spotted in my driveway
Shot on Canon 70D, EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens
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Maserati Granturismo

Spotted at Chatswood
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus
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Subaru Liberty

My car. My 15th car. Nothing special, just a Liberty that has never let me down. I plan to do a WRX engine swap, WRX interior swap, coilovers, new wheels, wider tyres and a new bonnet from a Liberty GT. One day!

Spotted on my front lawn
Shot on iPhone, 6s Plus/7 Plus and Canon 70D with EF-S 23mm and EF 50mm lenses
Edited with VSCO iPhone app and VSCO Lightroom film presets